New updates and improvements to tomba

  1. (October 2023) Update

    1. API Enhancements:


    Introduced New API Migration for enhanced performance and functionality.

    Deployed new, larger servers to support increased workload and scalability.

    2. API Improvements:


    Significantly improved API call efficiency and reliability.

    Enhanced the API's data integrity and consistency.

    3. Email Management:


    Revamped Email Finder with improved email verification capabilities.

    Implemented additional layers of Redis cache for domains with up to 2500 emails, resulting in faster data retrieval.

    4. Phone Data Enhancement:


    Improved the phone reveal functionality for more accurate results.

    5. Browser Extensions:


    Upgraded browser extensions for better user experience and compatibility.

    Refined the functionality and performance of Chrome and Firefox extensions.

    6. Lead Section:


    Enhanced the Lead Section for more intuitive and efficient lead management.

    7. Security Measures:


    Added Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) token support for heightened security.

    Stay tuned for more updates and improvements in our continuous efforts to provide you with an exceptional experience!

  2. extension release notes

    New Feature

    # Change Log


    ### [0.1.19](07/03/203)


    - Enhancements to User Interface

    - Resolution of Software Bugs

    - Implementation of 'No Result' Feature for LinkedIn Searches

    - Introduction of Trail API

    - Integration of Native Mark Functionality

    - Launch of Identity API

    - Localization Updates

    - Transition to Using storage.sync Instead of storage.local


    ### [0.1.18](07/03/203)]


    - UI updates

    - Bug fixes

    - New Email Extractor



    [0.1.17] (05/01/203)]


    • New Company Description
    • New linkedin finder
    • New Company whois data
    • UI updates
    • Bug fixes
    • Update free credits


  3. What’s new at (April 2023)

    New Feature


    - Bulk Business 1 Keyword In Multiple Cities

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    - Bulk Business 1 City In Multiple Keywords

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    - Bulk Company Profile (app, sheets, excel)

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    - new meta data (description, whois)

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    - Include the upload option in all bulk operations/tasks.

    - Grant free users access to bulk tasks at no cost.

    - update pricing

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    - Update Tomba SDK's


    - Update email finder


    New: Add new proxy Domain (


    1. - bulk task (author , verification,finder)
    2. - update gender
    3. - speed (
    4. update websites information's
    5. improve CSV preview in all bulk tasks
    6. update help center
    7. update documentation





  4. The LinkedIn Url Search

    New Feature

    The LinkedIn Url Search lets you find the current job title, company, location and social profiles of the person behind the LinkedIn URLs. 💡

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  5. (October 2022)



    New Website UI Design  Created by Marco Ceruti 

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     New Author Finder on extension.

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    New Media Kit Created by Marco Ceruti 


    Banner Linkedin Company Profile


    Update extension to manifest version 3.



    New extensions version 0.1.16 (Chrome Edge, Safari,Opera,Thunderbird, Mozilla)

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    New Excel version


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    New Sheets version . 

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    New Author Finder version .

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    New Email Verifier version .

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    New Option on bulks (Search, Finder, Enrichment, Verifier): Include Accept All and Unknown if has 5 or more sources

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    New Option on bulk Author Finder: Include One Email Not Found

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  6. (July 2022)

    We've shipped a major new feature, made the Email Finder even smarter

    Update: More Improvements and Enrichments on Data

    • Feature: Add Data Via Gravatar Hash with 32 Pattern Check
    • Feature: Add emails via live verification in the Domain Search (request does not count against you)
    • Feature: DNS live update
    • New: Add Domain information via live crawling
    • Dev: Deprecated API URL (Domain search , Email Finder) to support all URL format on API 

    • Feature: Check for emails that are not in the finder by doing a 32 pattern match and we have live verification.
    • Feature: Add new metadata for the author finder (Title, Description)
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    • Feature: Share Affiliate program
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    • Feature: Add process lines on Bulks
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    • New: Add new bulk phone validation
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    • New: Add new Phone columns on all Bulks (True,False)
    • New: Add new proxy Domain (
    • Update : Webhook
    • Update: add Pabbly‌ trigger






  7. Bulk Phone Finder

    New Feature

    Bulk Phone Finder is used to verify if the user can be reached through Phone or SMS.

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  8. Author Finder

    The Author Finder tool saves you time by quickly finding email addresses from different blog and journalistic sites.

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  9. Enrichment

    New Feature

    Tomba's Enrichment are a feature that allows you to discover the lead details of a contact


    Fields discovered with enrichment


    1. Job Title
    2. Social Profiles
    3. Gender
    4. Location
    5. Sources
    6. Profile Picture
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