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(October 2023) Update

1. API Enhancements:


Introduced New API Migration for enhanced performance and functionality.

Deployed new, larger servers to support increased workload and scalability.

2. API Improvements:


Significantly improved API call efficiency and reliability.

Enhanced the API's data integrity and consistency.

3. Email Management:


Revamped Email Finder with improved email verification capabilities.

Implemented additional layers of Redis cache for domains with up to 2500 emails, resulting in faster data retrieval.

4. Phone Data Enhancement:


Improved the phone reveal functionality for more accurate results.

5. Browser Extensions:


Upgraded browser extensions for better user experience and compatibility.

Refined the functionality and performance of Chrome and Firefox extensions.

6. Lead Section:


Enhanced the Lead Section for more intuitive and efficient lead management.

7. Security Measures:


Added Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) token support for heightened security.

Stay tuned for more updates and improvements in our continuous efforts to provide you with an exceptional experience!