New updates and improvements to tomba

(July 2022)

We've shipped a major new feature, made the Email Finder even smarter

Update: More Improvements and Enrichments on Data

  • Feature: Add Data Via Gravatar Hash with 32 Pattern Check
  • Feature: Add emails via live verification in the Domain Search (request does not count against you)
  • Feature: DNS live update
  • New: Add Domain information via live crawling
  • Dev: Deprecated API URL (Domain search , Email Finder) to support all URL format on API 

  • Feature: Check for emails that are not in the finder by doing a 32 pattern match and we have live verification.
  • Feature: Add new metadata for the author finder (Title, Description)
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  • Feature: Share Affiliate program
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  • Feature: Add process lines on Bulks
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  • New: Add new bulk phone validation
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  • New: Add new Phone columns on all Bulks (True,False)
  • New: Add new proxy Domain (
  • Update : Webhook
  • Update: add Pabbly‌ trigger