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December 2021 Release Notes






  • fix invalid emails in crawlers .
  •  Keyboard shortcuts. 
  • reset pass.
  • Add IE 11 support.
  • Add transform string on (f_name,l_name).
  • delete more than 5M invalid emails



  • update API call (domain search,email finder).
  • increase limitation in bulks to 15,000 domains
  • update table design on the bulks.
  • Add search bar on bulks.
  • Add Archived page on bulks.
  • Update Bulks Demo for free users .
  • Update DNS , Counter , autocomplete Data
  • Add Api exmples.
  • Update extension welcome .
  • Add Pwned Passwords Checker on registration
  • Add pagination on bulks.
  • Add Break on (excel, sheets).
  • full update in help center more picture and tutorials
  • update videos tutorials for Microsoft Excel , Google Sheets google , Domain Search , Chrome Extension 



Up Next:


  • Affiliate program under development.
  • New website under development


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